(The) Adventures of Dr. McNinja - part ninja, part doctor. this amalgam creates a hero for the common folk, a hero that we can all relate to

Animals Have Problems Too - this is a site about animals having problems that you or I might have... but really just you

Apple Geeks - some college students whose lives gets pretty damn crazy, especially with one mans addiction to draw pretty pictures and build giant robots

Beaver and Steve - Steve is a dinosaur, and Beaver is a... well, a beaver. This is their comic.

blank water comics - god and the devil, roommates at last. enjoy the artistic comic about the world around us

Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman - based off the game Half-Life 2, this comic follows the adventures of a man in a future where humanity is brutaly enslaved and his inability to realize any of this

dinosaur comics - existentialism, deep thoughts, and giant dinosaurs

dj doboy.com - music mixed by Dj Doboy himself

Killer Robots from Space - while they may seem like a group of deadly alien machines, they are in fact here to... work

Men In Hats - an evil genius, a retarded bell hop, a disgrunteld salesman, and a religious nut, all wearing hats!

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life - two robots on a journey of self discovery, with a pinch of lesbian robots and a heavy dose of booze

Penny Arcade! - two dudes lives and related video game tomfoolery, one of the biggest online comics out there

The Perry Bible Fellowship - good times in an axe murderer sort of way

Questionable Content - an indie boy and girl, and a tiny, hypersexual robot!

Red Meat - stories from the files of Max Cannon! we don't know who he is, but this is one finely demented comic!

Theater Hopper - one mans journey through the land of Hollywood movie watching

Threadless T-Shirts - t-shirts designed by the people for the people. so go buy some or design some and see if yours gets made

Three Panel Soul - it's a comic that gets to the point in just three panels... from the makers of Mac Hall

VG Cats - a small comic about two cat people and video games, pretty funny stuff, even bloody sometimes

Wondermark - a look at our current socio-political lifestyles with the use of art from, you know, the past